It isn’t often enough that we get the opportunity in life to work with people like Dave. This bookshelf wall was one of many of his ideas along the way of what turned into several months of remodel project. To be able to give someone a piece of your craft that they love while allowing them to drive the creative bus and develop a genuinely good working relationship makes it worth all the while.

Making it happen

This was one of those side projects that we talked about during the remodel that always got swept under the rug, but we knew it would turn out to be an eye-catching centerpiece as the job rolled along.

As the main portion of our work narrowed down, which was the kitchen transformation, Dave drew out a sketch of the pattern he wanted the background of the wall to be.

For this section of the wall, we used the same pallet wood that we used for some of the kitchen walls, but Dave put a vintage white finish on the boards. All hand-picked worked and finished.

Next, we begin to piece together the brackets and shelves.

Saving the best for last, the book-ends were put in place. Every piece of this wall was designed and picked out by Dave. As with most of the other projects we put our hands on in this house, this one came together on the fly and with the artist’s touch of the homeowner. When the different skills of artistry and technique come together to create a vision, the result is always a fun process.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Fortunately for us, most of the time we had both during this custom remodel. Many thanks to our friend Dave for this opportunity to provide our hands-on approach to artistic vision.