What furniture and pieces you put in your home says a lot about you, particularly if you’re choosing quality over trends. In a time when so many quickly made, low-quality items are available at low prices, choosing to spend your hard earned money on items that will last is noteworthy. Not only is the fast-fashion industry harmful to our planet, but it lacks soul and interest. When you invest in a quality, custom woodwork piece, you’re making a choice to be original and support a more ethical industry. Not only are there moral benefits, but you’ll also find that custom furniture offers a few additional advantages.  

Add Style

One of the first elements of custom woodwork is that it can be tailored to your unique style. From old fashioned shaker to mid-century modern, with a few changes of detail and a different color of stain, your furniture can take on an entirely different appearance. Not to mention, it often blends with other styles regardless of looks making wood the most versatile material.

Be Unique

If you have a clear idea for what you want your furniture to look like, you may not find what you’re envisioning in stores. Working with a skilled craftsman means that you can achieve the exact look you want without settling. Additionally, you’ll have a completely unique piece that no one else will have. Not only will this help create something that fits your exact needs and dimensions, but it will become a valuable asset to your home and look.   

Invest In Quality

Perhaps the most significant advantage to well-crafted wood over box-store particleboard is that your custom piece will be made to last. Often, cheap furniture can’t survive a move, but your piece will last for decades and likely become a beloved family heirloom. The initial price may be higher than what you would pay elsewhere, but it’s likely to outlive anything you could buy for less. Long term you may even save money as you won’t need to replace your pieces as frequently.